​Library Time
Library books and ebooks are checked out for one week. During library time, students should; review library procedures, learn to search search for materials, access materials and select books for checkout.

Technology Classes
Students in K4 through 5th grade will learn 21st Century technology skills, computer fundamentals, keyboarding, and internet searching.  Students use web 2.0 tools with project based-learning to be productive and collaborative learners.


How Library Books are Shelved

Easy Fiction Picture Books

The easy fiction picture books are organized in wooden bins according to the first letter in the author’s last name. The letter sticker on the spine of the book shows you what bin the book should be put in.  The shorter books in the front, larger books toward the back or bottom shelf.


Fiction Chapter Books

The fiction chapter books are organized in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name.  The call number sticker on the lower end of the spine shows you where the book should be shelved. The chapter books should be slid all the way to the right and brought forward. The letter on the top of the spine is the reading level. Books are NOT shelved according to reading level.


Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are stored on 2 circular bookshelves near the computers. Group books in a series together as best as you can.


Non-Fiction Books

Non-Fiction books are grouped in sections with like genres, topics, together. Books in these sections have the same sticker that matches the shelf label.   

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